Other trips

Trip by church boat to Kilkkilä domestic animal farm!

Have a sauna and freshment in Yli-Kaitala!

This trip is operated during summer season from Yli-Kaitala to Kilkkilä home farm to watch 15 different animal species.Rowing route goes from Kettujärvi lake along Kymijoki river to Kilkkilä farm.
Have a lot of team spirit for this task, same strenght and rhythm for everybody and you will get to Kilkkilä soon!

Start from Yli-Kaitala with church boat towards Kilkkilä. Arriving to Kilkkilä Farm which is situated before Vuolenkoski Power station. You will have coffee and snack before watching the animals.There is also a nice farm shop, where you can buy local delicatessen and souveniers.
Species you can see in Kilkkilä: ostrich, different chicken species, reindeers, horses, ponies, cat, pavo…
When arriving back to Yli-Kaitala, sauna and hot tube is waiting for you!
After sauna you will enjoy “Kymijoki menu”; three dishes meal in Kettuleipä Restaurant.

Group size: 10-14 persons
Duration: around 7 hour
Price: 1000 €/ group, with Kettusauna and hot tube
Price: 1170 €/ group, with Sammalsauna and hot tube

Maximum group size is 45 persons with three church boats.
Please book at least 4 days before trip.

Hiking adventure

Forest Hiking Adventure close to River Kymijoki – one of greatest River in Finland!
Join us to hiking trip that takes us into pine forest, climping up to rocks, close to swamp with fresh smell of wild rosemary and amazing views to Kymijoki. We start our hiking from Yli-Kaitala farm and head towards Harakkakoski, where we have lunch by open fire. After lunch break we continue our hiking to Aittakallio, high rock, where we can enjoy great view to River Kymijoki. After hiking you can enjoy relaxing sauna and swim in fresh Lake Kettujärvi.

Duration of trip is app. 6 hours
Price 138,00 € / person
Including guiding ( nature- and wilderness guide), lunch and sauna.
Minimum size of group 4 persons.
Level quit demanding

Bike tour of the historic Kymijoki River

Bike through forests and fields along romantic gravel roads, heading for probably the most beautiful landscapes of Kymijoki, and the former rapids of Mankala, as seen in old Finnish films. The rapids do not thunder anymore, but you can still hear the quiet whisper of the river which carries most of the southern Finnish waters to the Gulf of Finland. In the last 50 years nature has hidden the signs of the excavations and the sights are again breathtaking.

Distance: 10 km
Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: 39 € / person (minimum 6 persons)

Start and finish at the reception
Includes: guide, bikes (some can be equipped with infant seats) and helmets, coffee and traditional sausages, which we grill over an open fire.
Reservation 2 day before
This tour is suited for adults and teenagers with normal or good condition.

Lakinsaari Island

We walk by nature track which we call “the moose track” and see the nature sights, especially the glacial erratic.A causeway and an arched bridge take us on the Lakinsaari island, where we take the nature trail. There are 10 questions along the trail and whoever knows most answers, wins a small prize. We make open fire for cooking coffee and grilling sausages and after the break we walk back on a shore path.

Distance: 4,5 km
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 39 € / person (minimum 6 persons)

Start and finish at the reception of Yli-Kaitalan lomamökit, coordinates 61.039207, 26.178818.
Includes: Guidance, coffee/tea and traditional sausages, which we grill on an open fire. 

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+358 5326 5504 (reception)

+358 500 750 612 (Virpi)