Eating outdoors

Having a meal outdoors as you listen to the sound of waves lapping the shore and the whispers of the grasses in the wind, is one of the great pleasures of a holiday in Finland. In Yli-Kaitala there are many nice spots for that. In the Lapp hut Kipinä you can enjoy local delicacies by an open fire even if it’s freezing outside. In summer you can have coffee at the lean-to campsite of Lakinsaari island. We can also bring your meal to the rapids of Harakkakoski.

During the daytime our customers use the Kipinä hut free of charge. After 5 PM the hut can be booked for private events for only 10 €/hour.

You can pre-order a meal in the Lapp hut for a minimum of 10 persons. If you want to have something special, try the traditional Finnish “rosvopaisti” – roast lamb or pork cooked in a pit accompanied by salad, potatoes, dessert and coffee. ( this meal is possible only in summer time)

Other tasty options include salmon slowly cooked by an open fire, pork roast, fish soup or filled pancakes. The price (appr. 19 – 42 €/person) depends on the meal. Starting from 15 persons.

Especially in summer Lakinsaari and Harakkakoski are lovely places for eating outdoors. Your meal can be organised around some outdoor activities such as ATV trips, shooting with bow and arrow and walking on stilts.

Ready package for a group at Kipinä – Lapp Hut

Enjoy local food and lyrical atmosphere at Kipinä-Kota – Lapp Hut


Menu is available for the groups 8-20 persons

Price: 480€ / 8-10 persons, extra persons 44€/ person.