Pike and pike perch angling on Kettujärvi and Arrajärvi lakes and on the Kymijoki river

Quite a few people have caught a pike of their life on Kymijoki river! A guest of a local company caught a 10-kilo-pike, which sealed an excellent deal for the host. Since then a wooden pike adorns the entrance of our private restaurant Ketunleipä. In many cases our fishing guide with his extensive knowledge of good fishing spots has has helped our guests to get the catch .

Pike is the favourite for many fans of spin fishing and can be caught using different fishing methods so long as the lakes are not frozen. Catching pike is not easy and therefore it represents an enticing challenge for many anglers. The character and size of pike makes it especially exciting. You can catch pikes weighing several kilograms almost everywhere here and specimen over 10 kilos are not uncommon. You can experience some exciting moments here in southern Finland – and often a lot cheaper than in faraway destinations.

A skilled chef can make a delicious meal of pike. The tasty meat is low-fat but has lots of fishbones. You can either fillet the fish or grind them together with the meat and prepare fish cakes rich in calcium and phosphorus. Our chef Susan makes them in our restaurant (which is open per order).

Pike is often the “first big fish” for which anglers change the angling rod to spinning gear. Pike can be caught by various fishing methods, here some tips for spinning.

You need:

Best lures are probably wobblers (The Finnish company Rapala is famous for their products) or spoon lures.

The best time to fish for pike is in May, as pike spawns near flat, one to three metre deep, grassy shores fringed with reed, pondweed and water lilies. They tend to stay in the same spots even after spawning. In the autumn, when the water cools down to below 10 °C there are good chances of catching bigger pikes on the edge of deeper spots.

Pike meat is especially tasty in the autumn, as it contains a bit more fat. In this season pike is also likely to stay close to the bottom.

Fishing for pike perch

The best time to fish for pike perch is in the middle of the summer (June to August) as the fish are more active than in early summer and autumn. In midsummer the weather is less windy, which makes far greater enjoyment of the gorgeous landscapes. Best time of the day is the evening when pike perch hunts for its own food close to the water surface.

It is said that pike perch stays true to their spawning grounds. Therefore it is a good idea to remember the spots. Local fishermen will tell that you get the best lure fishing catch on Arrajärvi lake or by jigging on the Kymijoki river. During the spawning season male pike perch are more likely to be caught.

Many fishing methods are suitable for pike perch fishing: lure fishing, vertical jigging, drop shot and spinning. Beginners need the same equipment as for pike-spinning. Slim wobblers are the most traditional lures, but also weights, sinkers and double lures can be used. Pike perch are attracted by many colours. Dazzling tones or yellow and orange as well as pearlescent and light tones are all available. It is advisable to test different colours as pike perch tend to have favourite tones.

Our fishing guide knows the best tips, tricks and local secrets. He is happy to introduce beginners to the fascinating art of fishing.