By yourself

Holidays in Finland are famous for “simple pleasures”: long way walks in nature, boating, fishing, sauna, evening near a fireplace and sweet sleep in the fresh forest air in a wooden house. But if You want something else to do,we offer activities for all ages.

You can visit the Island Lakinsaari, walk along the Moose trail or boat along the Lake Kettujärvi (the Foxlake). Hirvipolku (Moose Trail) length is about 3.5 km and it is indicated by red marks on trees and accompanied by information about the nature of Finland. The trail ends near the bridge Kaarisilta leading to the island Lakinsaari.

On the Island Lakinsaari is walking trail, lean-to, fire-making place and a dry toilet. You have an opportunity to test youself on the knowledge of nature, answering questions along the nature trail on the Finnish, English, German or Russian. Cottage dwellers may use the island’s facilities free-of-charge.

Stunning views from the cliff into the valley of the Kymi River and Lake Kettujärvi close to our reception.On the site you can make a fire and have a picnic. There is also a statue of Little Lady of the Lake “Pieni Järvineito”. It is a tribute to Finnish independence, unique lake environment, and Kymijoki River. The Little Lady of the Lake is part of the Finland 100 years programme, celebrating the Finnish independence.

Hut “Kipinä” can also be used as a picnic area, particularly in the rainy days. Free access until the 5 p.m., after 5 p.m. can be booked for business party or other event ( 10€/hour).
Possible lunch and dinner delivery on request.

The surrounding waters such as Kettujärvi Lake, Arrajärvi Lake and River Kymi are great for fishing all year around and boating from spring untill late autumn. The Isokäyrä lure fishing area is about 5 km away the village of Mankala. Fishing licences can be purchased from reception.

Fishing area Harakkakoski, 5 km from the cottages, provides access from the shore to the river Kymi and allows spinning directly from the jetty. You can get there by car, bicycle or boat. Please note that trolling using motor boats is forbidden in the former rapids area. In the area of the Mankala water power station is allowed to use engine.
In the rapids coastline is difficult to pass through, but the fishing territory Harakakoski is cleared shore and built pier for boats. On the area is a open hut, a place for fire, a dry toilet, a long table with benches and a smokehouse.

On the shore of Lake Kettujärvi near the Tapolanniementie is built a tower for bird watching. There you can observe bird life in the wild, binoculars and bird guide can be found on the tower. The height of the tower is 5 meters.
Feel free to pick berries and mushrooms in the surrounding forests. You don´t need any landowner´s permission and is not required to buy a license to picking. However, using “the everyman’s right”, you can not disturb anyones buildings around 100 m.

Places for basketball and bowling, frisbee golf, table tennis and other games close to main building.

A children’s playground has a sandbox, swing, slide and trampoline, also close to main building.

The quiet village roads for those who engage in Nordic walking or bicycle, 5-8 kilometer route as on the roads and in the woods, in winter – skiing trails on the field and forest.
In winter the sledding hill, also sleds, snow-cats.

We can offer for rent

Boats, motors, electrical bikes, bicycles, games, snowmobiles, skis, snowshoes, etc.

Equipment rental

We can arrange for you

Lunch and dinner in the Hut on the island or fishing area Harakkakoski, such as baked-grilled meat, baked salmon on the fire, and more.

Archery and slingshot, axe and horseshoes throwing and more.

Trip along the river Kymi in the church boats and canoes or fishing with a guide.