We are Increasing the Number of Solar Panels

Julkaistu 05.06.2024

Etusivu → We are Increasing the Number of Solar Panels

The use of solar energy in Yli-Kaitala is now taken to the next level! We have always strived for sustainability and environmental friendliness. This is why we decided to introduce solar panels back in 2016. These panels will pay for themselves this coming summer. From the end of 2016 until today, the panels have produced a total of 90.09 MWh, and last year, for example, they produced 13.54 MWh. Now it was time to increase the number of panels. So we just installed new, even more efficient solar panels on our roofs. The old 64 panels (blue) have a capacity of 16.5 kW, and now only 24 (black) have a capacity of 10 kW. This increase in our solar energy production will help us to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Yli-Kaitala is committed to sustainable development and the addition of solar panels is an important step towards a greener tomorrow.