The little Lady of the Lake – Finland 100 excursion

You will arrive at Yli-Kaitala in advanced agreed time and will go to the trip with your group to the Talasvuori hill. There you can see Pieni Järvineito statue, the Little Lady of the Lake, which is a tribute to Finnish 100 years independence, unique lake environment and Kymijoki River. 

On the cliff the guide tells the story of the Danish princess Dagmar, who was later known as Maria Feodorovna, married Empress of Russian tsar Alexander III in 1866 and how they relate to this little statue. To bring a fitting end to the occasion, we will raise a toast of lingonberry drink to the Finnish lake and river sceneries. We walk back trough  the forest and enjoy bird singing and nature. 

If it is already getting dark, the path will be lit with lanterns. On the return journey we will stop at Kipinäkota (“Spark tepee”) to admire the artworks which hung there, painted on animal hides. The paintings depict the rock paintings of the area and its history, including the history of the first people who lived by Kymijoki River.

Total route is about 1,5 km

Price: 15 € / person 
Group: 5 – 10 person
Duration: about 1 hour

Price: 13 € / person 
Group: 11 – 20 person

Price: 12 € / person 
Group: 21 —> person

Additional fee: coffee and snacks in lapp hut 8 € / person (by order)
Accommodation is possible starting 75 € / day / person

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