Trip by church boat

Enjoy rowing with a big church boat from lake Kettujärvi trough Kyminkäänne towards river Kymijoki. We will row totaly around three kilometers. On the way back we will stop on the island Lakinsaari and have nice cup of coffee with some delicates

Have a lot of team spirit for this task, same strenght and rhythm for everybody!

Price 450 €/ group/ boat

Group size: 8-14persons Duration: 2 hours

Additional services: after the trip you can enjoy our saunas and fry some sausages or have meal in the restaurant

On the waves to Lakinsaari

The group will row the church boat to river Kymi and back to Lakinsaari island. In Lakinsaari you will enjoy three-course campfire lunch prepared by our own chef. Lunch will include local delicates. For dessert you will have campfire coffee and “Lake-Ladys Kiss” tart.

There is space for 8-14 persons in one boat.
The program includes: guided church bout ride and campfire lunch

Group size: 8-14 persons
Duration: around 3 hours
Price: 730 €/ boat ( max 12 persons) additional persons 35€/person
Please book at least 4 days before trip.

Additional services: rain gear, beverages, sauna and accommodation

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+358 5326 5504 (reception)

+358 500 750 612 (Virpi)