Auringonsilta cottage

This holiday home has been planned for maximum comfort and cosiness. A two-story VIP villa with luxurious comfort: 3 bedrooms (+ 1 bedroom in the beach sauna building), each bedroom has a comfortable private toilet and shower, which allows the vacationer privacy. A modern geothermal system is used for heating.

173 m2 / 30 m2 + outside terrace 27 m2.

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Our geothermal heating system is unique and very customer-friendly as it enables rapid adjustments of the temperature in individual rooms. In the summertime the same system can be used for eco-friendly air conditioning.

Auringonsilta is a luxurious two-story holiday lodge with modern conveniences: 

3 bedrooms, each with own WC and shower, plus an additional bedroom in the lakeside sauna building. 

In main villa there is a sauna with electric heater and a jacuzzi. By lakeside there is a wood-heated sauna with large terrace and pier next to the lake. The lakeside sauna building has also a double bedroom, kitchenette and fireplace.

The spacious and extra high living room has large windows, perfect for enjoying the beautiful view onto the lake Kettujärvi and watching the sunset over the lake. 

Also included: tableware for 20 persons, a jetty, rowing boat

Pets are allowed / extra price

You can rent a hot tube to the cottage! 


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