Pentti Yli-Kaitala

I’m in charge of development of our travel company and business. I take care of the premises and the farm. Whenever we are building something, I’m involved in the planning and execution. I also work as guide on ATV trips and other programmes. After hours I dedicate myself to our kids.

Markku Yli-Kaitala

Together with my family, I’m in charge of development of our travel company and farm. In a family business each of us has many diverse tasks. In my leisure time I’m active in promoting our local community and hunting club.

Virpi Yli-Kaitala

I take care of our marketing, communications, accounting and management of our staff. I also help with preparing the food every now and then. In my free time I spend a lot of time with our grandchildren.

Susan Rautiainen

I work mainly as a chef and I prepare country-style food in Ketunleipä and Kipinä hut. Sometimes I work in the service team and help with cleaning the cottages. In my free time I love to play football and go dancing!

Anne Holmberg

Taking care of the linen and cleaning the cottages are my main tasks. I also heat up the saunas for our guests. My hobbies are managing the local stitching club and I enjoy reading a lot.

Helena Kekäläinen

Bookings and customer service, invoices and other payments, marketing and communications. I speak fluent Finnish, English and Spanish. I speak also German and French. I’m in charge of updating the website. Every now and then I also do other necessary work at the company.


The youngster of our entertaining troupe, security guard, a gold-plated poodle, very fun and loving to play.

Kapu The Cat

Kapu is a black domestic cat whose territory stretches out to include the cottages. (You might see him around...). He currs a lot and is keen on bird-watching.

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