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The waters in the area are suited for many kinds of fishing. They vary in terms of depth and water clarity and there are lakes, ponds and rivers to choose from with plenty of fish in all. If you are unsure about your own fishing skills in an unfamiliar area, our experienced fishing guide can ensure that you will get the best out of the experience.

Fishing with our experienced guide provides a safe and fun way to explore the waters in the area, and you will get a chance to experiment with different fishing methods. You can go trolling on a bigger boat or try vertical jiggling pike perch in deep water. Or perhaps you would like to try ice fishing in the winter. Our guide can show you how to catch pikes in the winter using a bait fish. Or you can fish trout and rainbow trout on Lake Kettujärvi on a summer's night.

The lakes Kettujärvi, Arrajärvi and River Kymi are connected to each other, so there is a route both to River Kymi and Lake Arrajärvi from the shores of most of our cottages located on the shore of Lake Kettujärvi.

The fishing season on River Kymi is a lot longer than on the lakes, it only freezes in the coldest winter conditions. It is possible to hire a boat from the beginning of April, or depending on the winter, even earlier. The boats are located in Tapolanniemi, about 2-3 km from the farm house.

Isokäyrä’s and Iitti’s fishing areas, the latter which is located in the waters below Mankala hydro plant, form a part of River Kymi as does Lake Urajärvi.

Isokäyrä’s fishing area is about 5 km long, fishing there requires a special permit and angling with a rod and using worm baits is forbidden. Isokäyrä is best accessed from Harakkakoski fishing base, located about 5 km from the Yli-Kaitala farm house. You can access Harakkakoski fishing base by car, by walking or by boat. On the former Mankala rapids you are not allowed to troll fish using a motor boat. Troll fishing is however allowed in the dam pool area. The shore terrain in the area is very difficult except in the Harakkakoski area, which has been cleared and where there are also jetties. The Harakkakoski fishing base has a shelter, a place to make a fire, WC, a long table and chairs and a ‘smokehouse’.

The following waters are also located in the vicinity: Märkjärvi, Kotojärvi, Myllylampi, Kylliäinen, Keskimmäinen and Tuhkuri.

The average depth of Lake Kettujärvi is about 4-5 meters, its maximum depth is about 9 meters, and the lake is 3 km long. The lake is connected to River Kymi and Lake Arrajärvi. The most common fish are pike, perch and roach. It is also possible to catch pike perch, crab, rainbow trout, trout and burbot. The following fishing methods are allowed on Lake Kettujärvi: fishing using a spinning rod, jigging, trolling, angling and ice fishing.

The average depth of Lake Arrajärvi is 3 to 4 meters and its maximum depth is about 8 meters. The most common fish are pike, pike-perch, roach and perch. The following fishing methods can be used: fishing using a spinning rod, trolling, jigging and angling with a rod.

The depth and river currency on River Kymi varies a lot. Its average depth is about 10 meters and the maximum depth about 21 meters. The most common fish are perch, pike perch, pike, roach, burbot, trout and rainbow trout. The following fishing methods are allowed: vertical jigging, drop shot, trolling, fishing with a spinning rod, jigging and angling with a rod.

The depth of Isokäyrä and River Kymi fishing area varies considerably; it is about 3-6 meters in the former rapids and in the quiet waters between 10 and 30 meters. Where the river is narrow and shallow the current is strong whereas the quieter waters have much weaker current. The most common fish are rainbow trout and perch, pike, trout and pike perch. You can use the following fishing methods: trolling and fishing with a spinning rod. It is important to note that you need a separate fishing permit to fish in the area. Angling with a rod is forbidden in the area. Trolling using a motorboat is forbidden in the upper parts of the fishing area. The boat used for fishing needs to be equipped with a registration sticker.

River Kymi and Leininselkä are about 10 meters deep, the maximum depth being 24 meters. They are connected to Lake Urajärvi which is covered in the same fishing permit. The most common fish are pike perch, perch, rainbow trout, roach and pike. The fishing methods allowed are vertical jigging, drop shot, trolling, jigging, angling and fishing with a spinning rod.  

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