Little Lady of the Lake – Finland 100 excursion with a meal

You will arrive at Yli-Kaitala in advanced agreed time and will go to the trip with your group to the Talasvuori hill. There was assebled a Lake Lady statue for the vision of finnish nature and its Lakes and Rivers.
Pieni Järvineito, the Little Lady of the Lake, is a tribute to Finnish 100 years independence, unique lake environment, and Kymijoki River. During the forest walking we will enjoy bird singing, nature smells and admire the Lake Kettujärvi and River Kymijoki views.

The meal enjoyed during this nature excursion includes fish from the local Kettujärvi lake (the Fox Lake), bread rolls in the shape of a fox’s head and seasoned with nettles, delicious pike steaks gratinated with cheese an salmon made on open fire in lap hut "Kipinäkota" (“Spark tepee”), Mankala village elk meat with breads, wild mushroom sauce, wood sorrel and cheese salad (in summer), local potato wedges and seasonal vegetables with the “kiss” of the Little Lady of the Lake and coffee as dessert.

Price: €48 / person (min. 10 persons)
Group: 10–50 persons
Duration: 2–2.5 hours

The price includes the activities presented in the programme, the services of a guide, lunch in the wilderness, and coffee and a sweet treat at the lean-to shelter, or at Ketunleipä restaurant, or on the new glazed terrace.

The minimum number of participants is ten.
The excursion must be reserved no later than one week in advance.

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