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The Lake Lady – Finland 100

You will arrive at Yli-Kaitala in advanced agreed time and will go to the trip with your group to the Talasvuori hill. There was assebled a Lake Lady statue for the vision of finnish nature and its Lakes and Rivers.
Pieni Järvineito, the Little Lady of the Lake, is a tribute to Finnish 100 years independence, unique lake environment, and Kymijoki River. During the forest walking we will enjoy bird singing, nature smells and admire the Lake Kettujärvi and River Kymijoki views.

On the cliff the guide tells the story of the Danish princess Dagmar , who was later known as Maria Feodorovna, married Empress of Russian tsar Alexander III 1n 1866  and how they relate to this little Lady of Lake.

To bring a fitting end to the occasion, we will raise a toast of lingonberry drink to the Finnish lake and river sceneries.

If it is already getting dark, the path will be lit with lanterns.
On the return journey we will stop at Kipinäkota (“Spark tepee”) to admire the artworks hung there, painted on animal hides. The paintings depict the rock paintings of the area and its history, including the history of the first people who lived by Kymijoki River.


Total way is about 1,5 km.

Price: 15 € / person (min. 5 pers.)

Group: 5 - 50 person

Duration: about 1 hour

Additional fee: coffee and snacks in lapp hut 8 € / person (by order).

Little Lady of the Lake – Finland 100 excursion and with a meal


The meal enjoyed during this nature excursion includes fish from the local Kettujärvi lake (the Fox Lake), bread rolls in the shape of a fox’s head and seasoned with nettles, delicious pike steaks gratinated with cheese, wild mushroom sauce, wood sorrel and cheese salad (in summer), local potato wedges and seasonal vegetables with the “kiss” of the Little Lady of the Lake and coffee as dessert.

Price: €48 / person (min. 10 persons)

Group: 10–50 persons
Duration: 2–2.5 hours

The price includes the activities presented in the programme, the services of a guide, lunch in the wilderness, and coffee and a sweet treat at the lean-to shelter, or at Ketunleipä restaurant, or on the new glazed terrace.

The minimum number of participants is ten.
The excursion must be reserved no later than one week in advance.

Tasty lakeside adventure

This trip takes You to countryside surrounded with green forests and blue lakes. You will spend 1,5 days relaxing, learning and enjoying- all this in Finnish nature. When arriving to Yli-Kaitala farm You are warmly welcomed to take part to this tasty adventure. After light lunch You will go to guided nature walk to Lakinsaari island. Guide will tell you about local nature ingredients ( herbs, berries, mushrooms), that You will also collect to be part of Your dinner. In winter we make a walk with snowshoes and you will learn, how nature can survive during winter. On the island log wicket with open fire is ready for coffee break. You are also able to try traditional fishing, in the winter You can try ice-fishing.
When returning to farm we start to prepare our dinner. You will learn how to make food from wild ingredients- hopefully you also got some fish we can smoke in smoke owen.
In the evening it is time to relax in sauna and swim in the lake or relax in hot tube! And if You are still hungry, You can sit by open fire and fry some sausages and have cool drinks.
Next morning You will have early morning walk with guide. In spring and summertime forest is full of bird concerts, in autumn fresh air and morning mist are like from fairy tale and in winter still dark with white snow – all this makes these mornings unforgettable.

Price: from 299,00 € / person
Group: 4-16 person
Duration: 1,5 days.

Price including: accommodation, activities as in program, guiding, lunch, dinner, brunch, sauna + hot tube
Please book this trip at least two weeks before start.
Minimum 4 persons for this trip.

Trip with church boat

Enjoy rowing with a big church boat from Kettujärvi lake trough Kyminkäänne towards Kymijoki river.
You have to find the missing "treasure" which is marked on the map you will take with you.
You will row totaly around three kilometers. Have a lot of team spirit for this task, same strenght and rhythm for everybody!

On you way back you will land to Lakinsaari island to have a nice cup of coffee.

There is space for 8-12 persons in one boat.
After trip you can enjoy Kettusauna and fry some sausages.

Group size: 8-12 persons
Duration: around 2 hours
Price: 610 €/ boat ( max 12 persons)
Please book at least 4 days before trip.

Feel the power of rapids on Kymijoki river with rubber rafts, peacefull nature and excitement at the same trip!

This trip includes all needed gears, insurance and coffee with open fire. Guides are professionell and experiented river guides.

We begin our trip with coffee, get equipped and ready for the excursion.On this trip you enjoy drawting three eventfull rapids and enjoy unique river nature.

Group size: 4-70 persons
Duration: around 1,5 hours, 3 rapids
Price: 490 €/ raft ( max 10 persons)

This trip is organized with our partner.
Trips are organized depending on weather conditon 15.4.-15.12.
Please book at least one week before trip.

Trip with church boat to Kilkkilä domestic animal farm!

Have a sauna and freshment in Yli-Kaitala!

This trip is operated during summer season from Yli-Kaitala to Kilkkilä home farm to watch 15 different animal species.Rowing route goes from Kettujärvi lake along Kymijoki river to Kilkkilä farm.
Have a lot of team spirit for this task, same strenght and rhythm for everybody and you will get to Kilkkilä soon!

Start from Yli-Kaitala with church boat towards Kilkkilä. Arriving to Kilkkilä Farm which is situated
before Vuolenkoski Power station. You will have coffee and coffee bread before watching the animals.There is also a nice farm shop, where you can buy local delicatessen and souveniers.

Species you can see in Kilkkilä: ostrich, different chicken species, reindeers, horses, ponies, cat, pavo...

When arriving back to Yli-Kaitala, sauna and hot tube is waiting for you!
After sauna you will enjoy "Kymijoki menu"; three dishes meal in Kettuleipä Restaurant.

Group size: 10-14 persons
Duration: around 7 hour
Price: 1000 €/ group, with Kettusauna and hot tube
Price: 1170 €/ group, with Sammalsauna and hot tube

Maximum group size is 45 persons with three church boats.
Please book at least 4 days before trip. 

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